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Local peach season begins!

This week we have some old friends joining us – John and Frieda from Southview Orchard. Southview Orchard joined us a couple of years ago for their peach and nectarine season, which is only short – so make the most of it while they’re with us again. John and Frieda tell me that there is nothing like the scent of fresh ripened peaches and nectarines from the trees – sounds delicious. Peaches are high in vitamins like C and A, so they’re great for our immune system and our skin. They can be enjoyed in fruit salads, savoury salads, smoothies, in many sweet desserts or even just as is as a health snack. Please join us in welcoming Southview Orchard to the market for the next few weeks. You will find Southview Orchard in the gravel area outside.