Welcome to the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market with some of the finest and freshest produce from the Tweed Valley and Northern Rivers. At our market REAL farmers sell their FRESH produce.

Real fresh local food

We delight in passing on the provenance of our product, together with helpful tips. Many locals from Tweed and beyond now rely on the markets for their fresh produce weekly shop because of the range and quality of produce at the market.

Great atmosphere

You’ll love the atmosphere. The market has a great reputation far and wide for its wonderful vibe, camaraderie and as a place to catch up with friends each Wednesday. Freshly brewed coffee, teas and juices and brekky bowls along with a range of  Vietnamese and Japanese inspired cuisine including vegetarian options and delicious French and Danish pastries, means that you find locals enjoying social gatherings with friends as well as chatting with the producers.

A variety of produce

The market offers the freshest seasonally available fruits, vegetables,  herbs, eggs – organic and pastured hens, dairy, artisan cheeses (including goats and cow), macadamia and pecan nuts, honey, avocados, olives and loads of salad greens PLUS  freshly baked bread and pastries, meat and locally caught seafood plus much more. There is also a diverse selection of certified organic produce and take away frozen meals. 

This is YOUR  market.  ENJOY getting to know the people who grow your food, talk to them and support them for the hard yakka that they put into growing fresh produce for you every week.