How the Market started…
The Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market (“the Market”) was established in 2011 to enable local farmers and producers in the Tweed Valley to start selling their fresh, local and seasonal produce at the Market. A working group was established, a location – our beautiful Murwillumbah Showground was secured and 11 local farmers and producers came together to become the founding stallholders of the Market – some are even still with us today and continuing to make sure that our local area has access to fresh, local and seasonal produce. 

Our wonderful market has grown immensely in size over its lifespan of 12 years. Some of our long-standing customers may even remember that the market started with only 11 stalls all under the shed and now the Market just short of 50 stalls selling fresh, local and seasonal produce – both under and outside the shed.  


Our ‘why’…

The Market’s why is simple – most importantly it wishes to provide a place for the Tweed Valley community to come together each and every week come rain or shine and have access to fresh, local and seasonal produce. In operating each and every week, this also gives our local farmers and producers a place to sell their produce and earn an income, which in turn has a positive effect on the local economy by creating jobs. The Market also wishes to educate the community about the importance of eating local, fresh and seasonal food – this is enhanced by the fact that Market shoppers can chat directly to their farmer or producer.  


Why shop at the Market?

There are so many reasons to shop at the Market! Not only does our Market provide the local community with a wide array of fresh, local and seasonal produce each and every week but the Market has also become a community hub being a place each Wednesday morning where you, our local community, can connect, enjoy the music of our local musicians and relax. And this is what makes our market so special we are all truly blessed to have such a space each and every week. Other reasons include:  

  • Learning about seasonal eating 
  • A chance to connect to your farmers and producers 
  • To support our local and smaller-scale farmers and producers 
  • Health benefits by eating fresh, local and seasonal food 
  • Community connection 

Who runs the Market?

The Market is run by the New South Wales not-for-profit incorporated association, the Caldera Farmers’ Market Murwillumbah Inc.  


The Caldera Farmers’ Market Murwillumbah Inc. is in managed by a volunteer Management Committee comprising of 6 members – all of which are stallholders at the Market – so they are our farmers and producers.

The day-to day management of the Market is carried out by Market Manager, Claire Strodder and Assistant Manager, Gavin Powell.  

Our Management Committee

Jodie Viccars
Woodland Valley Farm

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Ryan Bruin
Summit Organics
Vice President

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Bronwyn Yeldham
Smoothie Operators
Secretary & Public Officer

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Jeremy Gudsell
Raw Earth Organics

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Will Everest
Everest Farm Bananas
Ordinary Member

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Gary Miller
Gourmet Mushrooms
Ordinary Member

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Our Managers

Claire Strodder
Market Manager

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Gavin Powell
Assistant Manager

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