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New season Granny Smith’s and quince have arrived

In more exciting news, Granny Smith apples and quince are in at Costanzo Apples. It feels like so long since Granny Smith apples were in season so do make the most of the new season apples that are in now! These Granny Smith’s are such a vibrant green colour, crunchy and sweet/tangy! Now quince is a fruit that is yellow in colour and in appearance is a bit of a cross between an apple and a pear – but unlike apples and pears raw quince is tart and sour – so it’s best to cook quince before eating when it becomes softer, sweeter and also changes colour! Quince can be used in baking, poached, made into a jam or a jelly or even added to savoury dishes, like a chicken tagine. Sounds delicious. Do stop by to see Andy at Costanzo Apples this week to get yours.