Market News 4

As the Market Manager I feel very lucky to be able to visit the farms for our market. It’s important to verify the authenticity of the produce supplied as it must be grown or produced within a 50km radius of Murwillumbah. I have visited some beautiful farms from the local Tweed Valley Pecan farm just behind our market at Murwillumbah to the Bio organic farm at Byangum where a large greenhouse is home to a majority of their produce. Mother Natures farm visit was very informative. Jan Sinclair is top of her field and has spent the last 30 years regenerating her 5 acre property. Jan’s produce includes finger limes, Davidson plums, Lilly Pillies, warringal greens, native raspberries, lemon & cinnamon myrtles plants, jams, jellies, sauces made from the bush foods and many more.
One Organic seedlings now has a double stall to cater for all the local dedicated gardeners who are keen to grow their own produce. Kieran has great knowledge about growing organic food and is now located at the entrance to the market. Unfortunately Ian McRae from Nudgelnuts has run out of macadamia’s on his farm but should be back with his usual produce in early March.
Our local resident guest farmer from Stanthorpe will be back with grapes at the end of January and Gala apples the 2nd week of Feb. Whilst Jims honey will still be available at his stall Jim is off for 4 to 6 months to discover more about honey at an apiary in Tasmania. We shall miss him!
Deb Fuller market Manager