Market News 7

Congratulations to the Murwillumbah Chamber of Commerce and the local businesses for their intention to revive town by encouraging people to shop locally. One of our ideas when setting up the Caldera Farmers Market in Murwillumbah was to keep the money circulating within the local community. Therefore the Chambers new Community Slice project fits extremely well with that objective. Community Slice is a local loyalty program whereby members who sign up receive discounts from those participating in the scheme. It’s a show your card and save concept. For example this month, The Caldera Farmers Market at Murwillumbah (who are participants) is offering members a 10% discount on produce. Anyone signing up online or at any participating store including those at the market will receive an email every month with the updated specials. You can check it out online at
Produce starting to come back into season is silverbeet which is great baked in filo pastry with fresh herbs and the local Ricotta. Pumpkins are in season again and cucumbers, eggplants, passionfruit, tomatoes and watermelons are plentiful. Rockmelons are starting to slow down a bit and beans are dependent on how the weather has treated them!
Next week we welcome a new stallholder the Hare Krishna’s from Uki who would like to make and supply local vegetarian food. Funds made from the stall will help raise money for their charitable work and local community projects.
Our market is open 7am to 11am every Wednesday at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds via the Harry Williams Gate.
Deb Fuller Market Manager