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It’s falafel time

Have you tried the falafel over at SEKO Foods yet? The team at SEKO Food tell me that “falafel’ is more than just food – the taste and smell evokes memories of their Turkish homeland, while still being inspired by our current home of Australia. That’s why they don’t say that their falafel recipe is purely “Turkish”, but rather, a fusion. It’s a nod to both their past and present. SEKO Food tell me that they are committed to using healthy, quality ingredients in making their falafel (sourced as locally as possible), and they make each and every falafel by hand, daily. Their falafels are also vegan and gluten free. As many of you will no doubt already know from trying the falafel – they are crispy and flavorful on the outside, tender on the inside, and loaded with bursts of lemon, garlic and tahini in each bite. They taste amazing alone, but SEKO Food tell me they are complemented very well by their range of dips. Yum! Pop by to see Giz this week to check out their range of falafel, breads, dips and lots more.