Tropical fruit are at the market NOW

What's great at the market this week?

Wonderful varieties of tropical fruit are popping up each week from mangoes and papaya to dragon fruit, and carambolas. And now the amazing jackfruit. Very soon we will see mamey sapotes returning too. Such diversity means we can become even more creative with our meals.

The Guardian refers to the jackfruit as the “ultimate ugly duckling story” and I couldn’t agree more. It has gone from being disposed of to being very “in” as many discover that can be enjoyed in wonderfully diverse ways..  As a substitute for “pulled pork” so you can make a “pulled jackfruit burger” or sandwich.  For details about preparing fresh jackfruit visit and watch the video .

It is perfect fresh or in sorbets and gelato and when fully ripened it tastes like a banana/pineapple combo. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 5-7days or frozen for perhaps several months. Even the seeds can be roasted and eaten. How good is that?

Known generally as star fruit because of its beautiful shape when sliced, the  carambola can be eaten raw in salads, made into a refreshing drink or cooked as a vegetable. Some Asian countries use the less ripe carambola like a vegetable and cook it with fish. It is also wonderful juiced or if you are growing them and have a glut simply slice and dehydrate them.  They look beautiful stored in a glass jar and make a lovely garnish. You can also rehydrated dried slices for fruit salads throughout the year.

When ripe the carambola is very juicy and a little crispy, tasting a little like a cross between a citrusy apple and pear. Like all fruit and vegies it offers good nutritional value with vitamin C, B5, potassium and dietary fibre.  
TIP: Make sure that you choose one with no dark blemishes.

What a surprise package dragon fruit (pitaya) can be! Will it be red inside or white? I wonder what it will be this week? Either way they make a wonderful looking and tasting brekky bowl. Combined with banana, mango and blueberries plus granola or soaked chia seeds you can create a deliciously nourishing breakfast. It is also delicious in smoothies, frozen smoothie ice blocks and on pancakes. 

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