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Custard apples are in season

Over at Jumping Red Ant, custard apples are in season. You will see custard apples with their indented pale green skin – but inside they’re creamy white (like custard) and have little black seeds inside. Custard apples are high in anti-oxidants (including vitamin C, which means they’re great for our immunity), they’re high in fibre so good for our gut health, and finally is high in potassium which helps to keep blood pressure down. So all in all they are a great fruit to make the most of while they’re in season. There is also a lot you can do with a custard apple – you could eat fresh with spoon and pick out the little black seeds, or you could add to a smoothie or you could even add to a salad, stir fry, curry, or if you’re a sweet tooth  even add this fruit to your baking. Enjoy!