New farm tour + Tallogum Berries + JRA’s new sebago potatoes.

Are you enjoying the beautiful colours of spring – so much colour as new buds burst into bloom all around us. It’s warming up quickly already with temperatures up to 30 degrees forecast for the middle of this week. It reminds us to enjoy the huge diversity of produce that comes with our mild winter and early spring weather.

All too soon hotter days will have an impact and the season will end for winter brassicas, peas, some root vegies and fragile leafy greens, herbs and berries – strawberries and blueberries. 

And talking of weather – it is going to be a perfect day for Summit Organic’s second farm tour scheduled for next Saturday 26th. The first tour was so popular that many customers who couldn’t make it have asked for another opportunity and they are in luck. But with only 20 places and some already booked, please be quick to avoid disappointment.

It is such a  great opportunity to see how Tania, Rod and Ryan produce their vast range of organically grown vegies week after week. and month after month. 

What’s News at the Market this Week?

Is there anyone who doesn’t love blueberries? Only if you haven’t yet eaten Tallogum Berries blueberries I am guessing, because we know, that once you try these you will understand why there is a rush every week. And right now they are at their seasonal best – BIG, sweet and juicy.

Tallogum Berries is a family business owned by Paul Lloyd and Natalie Bell who have a young family. They both have a long history growing berries at their expansive farm at Lindendale near Lismore. Natalie’s family in particular were berry growing pioneers in the northern rivers going as far back as 1975. They’ve had a great interest in researching the genetics of blueberries and have successfully developed six new varieties. They did this using the genetic refinement of the original Eureka blueberry. No wonder they are so very delicious. 

While the blueberry season used to be from August to late October, Paul and Natalie through their research and adapting farming strategies have extended the season of both their raspberries and their blueberries quite significantly. Much to our delight. 

They are both very passionate and fully invested in getting the best quality blueberries for us to enjoy.

It is Sergio, who works for Paul and Natalie, that you meet at the Tallogum Berries market stall each Wednesday. 

I continue to marvel at all our growers and what they achieve.  We are so lucky, so very, very lucky …… 

And there is more  …. about Jumping Red Ant’s freshly dug sebago potatoes and a fabulous recipe plus info about stalls that are back or  missing. 

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