White Wallaby Farm brings new products this week

What’s NEW at the Market this Week?

This week we welcome for their first pop up stall Bron and David Hancox from White Wallaby Farm at Limpinwood. They are bringing to their stall value added products that are based on their dried farm herbs.

Bron said “we are still expanding the range of herbs and working on integrating herbs into the general gardenscape. I wanted to diversify and create a use for some of the more unusual herbs as well as the common ones and so I have started to make herbal salts and peppers, infused vinegars and a range of culinary dried herb blends.” So pop in and say hi to them this week.

Their salt blends are perfect to use in lots of recipes and here are a few ideas: 
• Season or top cooked meats like roasted whole chicken or turkey, steak and pan-seared fish fillets.

  • Season or top vegetables like roasted potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed cauliflower, roasted pumpkin, sautéed asparagus, and chips.
  • Sprinkle on savoury snacks like popcorn or homemade potato chips (see photo).
  • Mix into softened butter and make a roll, slice into rounds and freeze. Place a slice on top of hot cooked foods as desired

And below  is a great soup recipe using their Vietnamese Herb blend. YUMMO.



What’s GREAT this Week

Star Fruit (also known as carambola) has arrived and for those who know and love this fruit it is a wonderful addition to a fruit platter. It is also perfect to garnish a cocktail or drink and is brilliant dried and enjoyed throughout the year as sweet chips to snack on. Star fruit is also great frozen on a giant ring of ice – it makes an amazing decoration for a barbecue or special event.
You will find Star Fruit at Jumping Red Ant.
Star fruit (photo credit to Shutterstock)

Stallholder Changes this Week: 

New: Week 4 pop up White Wallaby Farm – dried culinary herbs, vinegars and salts.

Last week for Nudgel Nuts – Ian is at the market this week then away for three weeks returning 24th April.

ABSENT due to seasonal variations:

  • Narbey’s Best Avocados – returns June – sadly later than ever due to a poor season again. BUT Jumping Red Ant does have Fuerte avocados right now 
  • Tweed River Pecans  – Update – Kaye and David and all pecan farmers are patiently watching the new seasons nuts as they ripen. When the husks split open like this, the pecans are mature and ready to drop. This week we will start harvesting from the earliest varieties. After being cleaned, sorted and dried these fresh pecans will be available at the market at Spice Palace in April in about 3 weeks.
  • Barefoot Farm – returning May
  • Blueberry Fields  – returning July (we hope)

Husks have split meaning mature and ready to pick.

Entertainment:  Sticky Rock Duo – Broadfoot cancelled due to ill health. They will be back next month. 



 Weather:  A very high chance of showers with the chance of a thunderstorm later in the day. Daytime temperatures will reach low to mid twenties.


Produce of the week (newest season produce is in bold):

  • Apples – new season Fuji
  • Avocados (Fuertes)
  • Bananas
  • Beans
  • Capsicum
  • Carambola (Star Fruit)
  • Cucumbers
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Eggs (Pastured locally at Fernvale and new to the market this month.
  • Eggplant
  • Microgreens and sprouts
  • Passion fruit
  • Radish
  • Raspberries
  • Tomatoes
  • WATERMELON – at Summit Organics
  • Zucchinis

Autumn is the perfect time for planting so many vegies as the weather is gentler on leafy greens and perfect for sowing peas, radish, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and so much more. So it is timely in case you haven’t met him yet that we introduce you to Kieran Weston of One Organic.  Kieran specializes in certified organic herb, vegie and medicinal flower seedlings. 

Mai Thai Vietnamese Soup 

Herbs- Vietnamese mint, Lemongrass, Coriander and Rue.


White Wallaby’s Mai Thai Dried Herb blend
Oil (of choice)
Red Capsicum 
Firm Tofu 
Vegetable Stock
Spinach or Bok Choy

Pad Thai Rice Noodles

– Fry firm tofu and red capsicum with 2 tsp White Wallaby’s Mai Thai Dried Herbs, shallots and chilli with oil in pot

– Add 4 cups water and vegetable stock (to taste) and allow the broth to boil 
– Add Pad Thai Rice Noodles and allow to cook for 10 – 20 mins
– Add Spinach or Bok Choy to pot (when desired) 
– Add salt (to taste)