Three New Market Stallholders

The Caldera Farmers Market warmly welcomes the following three new market stallholders:

1. All hail the avocado! Blanche and Douglas Narbey are farmers from Upper Burringbar. These seasoned farmers are currently producing Pinkerton and Shepard avocados. Pinkerton avocado has the ability to adapt very well to cooler climates. Its fruit is quite large with a longer neck and a smaller seed making the fruit quite fleshy. Shepard avocados have smooth green skin and golden buttery flesh which doesn’t turn brown when cut. Shepards are not common to the Tweed, but Douglas has successfully grown the variety on a higher part of their property where it is a couple of degrees warmer. Later in the year, keep an eye out for the popular Hass avocado. Apart from being amazingly tasty, avocados are very good for us – high in vitamin C, chock full of anti-oxidants, great for our skin and a good source of beneficial mono-unsaturated fats. Welcome Douglas and Blanche!

2. Rob Johnson’s family has been farming in the Clothiers Creek Valley for over 60 years. They grow many small crops including sweet potatoes, taro, beans and peas. On his grandfather’s property they run about 200
beef cattle on 300+ acres. On his Uncle Tim’s property, they grow passionfruit and bananas, namely Cavendish, Ladyfingers and a new variety called Little Gems. In a hot house they grow tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and chillies and in their market garden, grow zucchinis, beans, snow peas, squash, broccoli, cabbage and few other winter vegetables. In addition, they grow many citrus varieties: paw paws, star fruit, avocadoes and custard apples. The family is in the process of starting a fruit processing factory to dry, juice, pulp and puree produce to value add. Their main goal is to bring high quality fresh grown produce to their local community. Welcome Rob and family!

3. Linda Ivor lives in Murwillumbah and grows her own wheat and barley grass, edible flowers and Sunflower and Broccoli sprouts. Her passion for cooking healthy whole foods has spurred her to start her own business named “The Wholesome Tongue”. What she doesn’t grow herself, Linda buys from the farmers market and other local sources to produce gourmet vegan vegie burgers, handmade cocoa power balls, macrobiotic
take home meals, rice balls, sugar free chili jam and tofu cheesecake. Welcome Linda!

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Lisa Flower – Acting Market Manager