Cherries and apricots are back this week :)

We definitely have CHERRIES 🍒and APRICOTS this week and next. Perfect timing for Christmas thanks to Michelle Costanzo and her extended family who grow the apples we enjoy and the stone fruit that we love. Although the season up here is always too short we are nevertheless very grateful. 🙏😍


🍒We have one new pop ups joining us this week along with our other Christmas artisans.  🐝Homestead and Co are bringing their organic bees wax wraps and bee wax based products. Doggie-licious who was to come can’t due to a leg injury so maybe next week. 🐶


☀️Fabulous sunshine with maybe a few clouds and a beautiful temperature is the latest very welcome forecast for this week so come and enjoy all that we have to offer. Great FRESH produce – most picked on Tuesday; fresh eggs from very happy hens for all your Christmas cooking and lots of Christmas tasties if you prefer to buy already cooked PLUS interesting artisans and pop ups to help you fill your Christmas and teach gift list.

The Gourmet Salad Hut has so many greens that they are often bursting at the seams or so it seems 😍🎄 Unique to their stall is their watercress – a very nourishing and tasty green to enjoy especially during this warmer weather so why not this week and on your Christmas salad platter too.


As mentioned on their post watercress 🌱 is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be. It is a cousin of kale and is packed with antioxidants, minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamin k which are essential for bone health. It’s great in salads or soups adding a nice peppery taste. 

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