Market News 18

Mothers Day is fast approaching so why not take the opportunity to purchase some chocolate or honey coated macadamia’s or perhaps put your own hamper together. You could include a bag of Zeta’s coffee, some Summerland sun dried chilli-lime olives and a bottle of oil or a jar of Jims honey and some beautiful roses from jumping Red Ant. Rainbow Fruit Flats also have fruit jams and sauces. Some producers even have post paks available. And if you plan on having a Mother Day lunch most of our produce will keep well until Sunday. I forgot to mention last week the CWA Mothers Day stall. Any left over CWA products will still be available for purchase this week so please see me or the blackboard for details.
As I mentioned a few weeks back Echo Valley Farm is hoping to return this week with their kiwi fruit and jams. With all the recent rain we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the fruit has had enough time to ripen.
May is the time to start planting the winter crops such as beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, endive, kale, pea’s, silverbeet, swedes and turnips. These crops should be ready for harvest in August. One Organic should have any of these seedlings available for purchase.
Our market is open 7am to 11am every Wednesday at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds via the Harry Williams Gate.”
Deb Fuller -Market Manager