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It’s a nutty week – New Season Macadamia’s are in!

John at Rainforest Foods has let me know that they have new season macadamias in at the moment. Macadamias are a nut that is native to Australia and they have a mild, butter-like flavour. Macas are full of protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, thiamin and copper, which makes them a great for our heart, digestion and also reducing risk of diabetes. Macadamias are also an incredibly versatile nut – they are great as a healthy snack, a perfect addition to a dessert or in a salad or served with steamed greens. John will this week have with him his usual bags of natural maccas but he also has roasted macadamia spread and natural macadamia spread. I am told that the spreads are delicious with a slice of Crabbes Creek Woodfired’s bread (toasted) and then topped with a slither of Rainforest Foods’ Davidson’s Plum Jam – sounds like a delicious combination!