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Fire ant update

In less positive news, as you will have heard in the local media fire ants have been located in Murwillumbah. The Murwillumbah Showground is now in the 5km radius of where those ants were found and is subject to the emergency orders that have been put in place by the government – this means that the market is also subject to these orders and is required to do so to keep operating. This will mean there are a couple of changes at the market while we navigate these new changes and see how the situation pans out. At the moment, fire ant carriers such as soil, anything with soil on it, mulch and so on are not permitted to move out of the 5km radius to help eradicate and stop the spread of fire ants. This means that potted plants and other similar products will not be available at the market for the time being until matters become more certain. We kindly ask that you all keep supporting our affected stallholders during this difficult and uncertain time. If you have any questions, please come and see me at the Market Office.