Exotic mamey sapotes and Mad Mountain’s new herbal teas in jars.

What’s News at the Market this Week?

Mad Mountain Family Farm is thrilled to unveil their new organic herbal teas in reusable and recyclable jars. And it seems that they are overwhelmed – happily so – with the positive response. So this week check these out.
Lyn and Tim have always been very aware of their impact on their environment – a value that underlies their organic farming approach. Each week if you take a peek when they aren’t too busy you will see Tim making up their small carry boxes from recycled cardboard – boxes that enable us to easily carry multiple pots of plants. Most of can’t stop at one pot so thanks Tim for making this so easy!

And there is always more … and if you are looking for some health advice then herbaiist, Jenny Kenneally Clarke, at her stall The Cupboard Above the Kettle, is always happy to listen to your queries and offer her advice. Jenny will tailor-make a herbal tea mix especially for you. 

Jenny’s partner, Al, provides great seated massages at The Cupboard Above the Kettle relieving back and shoulder pain for many of our hard working farmers and customers. You will need to book in early to reserve your spot if you want Al’s skilled hands to relieve your pain. 

What’s GREAT at the Market this Week? 

Mamey sapotes are a very sweet tropical fruit – native to Central America and Mexico. They can be up to 25cm long with some of them spending a year on the tree before they ripen! This has to make them extra specially exotic!
Unlike the chocolate or black sapote, the mamey sapote has a rough and leathery-woody looking skin hiding a deep orange to salmon pink creamy sweet flesh. It has an exotic flavour with notes of baking spices such as vanilla and nutmeg with sub-acid undertones of pumpkin, banana, pear and apricot.
Inside the large central pit is the fruit’s seed, similar in appearance and flavour to an almond. Although the pit is edible it should NOT be eaten raw. 

The flesh of the mamey sapote is wonderful chilled, or mixed into a smoothie, a milkshake or made into ice cream. Try this exotic fruit – available from Jumping Red Ant this week and let us know how you enjoyed it.
If by chance the mamey you pick isn’t soft and ripe then it can still be enjoyed in a number of interesting ways. Here is a link to Rosemary mamey fries with special sauce plus Coconut mamey with sweet sticky rice and more.