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Contento Chocolate is joining the market!

This week we have a new stall joining us for their 6 week trial, however, saying this we already know this stall from the Christmas pop-ups! That stall is Contento Chocolate, which is very exciting for the chocolate lovers out there. Contento is run by Mayda and her family who are passionate about chocolate. What started as a simple love affair with cocoa turned into a journey of crafting their own chocolate two years ago. Delving into the world of single-origin and fair trade certified cacao, they realized their dreamcreating chocolate using organic, responsibly sourced ingredients. They tell me that ensuring fairness at every step, from the cacao farmers to the final product, became their mission. This week, their collection includes 8 distinct chocolate flavours, along with indulgent hot chocolate and a delightful Almond Butter infused with dark chocolate will return to the market. Mayda is proud to say that each creation embodies their commitment to quality, sustainability, and the joy of fine chocolate. You will find Mayda under the shed next to Yogi Nectar so do pop by to see her product and welcome her to the market.