Beetroot and making macadamia nut mylk.

Spring is in the air and yes I know we are still officially in winter but after such an amazingly warm Sunday do you feel as though spring has arrived? I feel excited seeing new buds on deciduous trees about to burst forth and flowers on my citrus even though I am still picking my winter crop. It seems that some of our animals and plants think so too. Watch them closely and we can learn so much. Or just maybe I’m a little biased as spring is my favourite season. What is yours?

What’s News at the Market this Week?

The NSW Premier suggesting masks in high risk public settings. Fortunately we are not in that category but nevertheless it seems sensible that we reduce our gathering points so this week sadly we won’t be putting out any tables and chairs as we encourage you all to follow closely the NSW COVID SAFE guidelines.  

What’s GREAT at the Market this Week? 

Beetroot is in abundance, looking and tasting amazing. Some call it a health-food titan and many athletes devour its juice, but really it is just an all-round delicious and very versatile vegie if prepared well. Citrus and beetroot are a match made in heaven and as citrus are also abundant around the market I’ve included a recipe that combines them.

Enjoying what we eat can be so joyful especially when sharing a meal with family and friends so this week I hope to inspire you to try something new; try a new beetroot recipe and give your body a huge nutritional boost. To tempt you I am sharing a link to the recipe for the following Goats cheese and beetroot citrus salad. There are so many more available online so take the challenge this week to try something different – even maybe Jamie Oliver’s epic Chocolate and Beetroot Cake. 

Made with a few variations and no goat's cheese but still very tasty.

And there is more that is GREAT at the Market this Week. 

Also great right now are our nuts – both macadamias and pecans.

Macadamia oil is divine used on your salads in place of olive oil. Did you know that macadamia nut oil contains 85% monounsaturated fats, exceeding olive oil, which contains 76%. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids in macadamia nut oil is perfectly balanced. Additionally, both oils are revered for softening and moisturizing the skin and hair. AND one of the most important characteristics of macadamia oil is its high smoke point – between 210C and 234C degrees meaning it is one of the best for cooking with. When you cook with oil that’s been heated past its smoke point, you do more than impart a burnt flavour to foods. Beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals found in many unrefined oils are destroyed when the oil is overheated. Overheating also creates harmful free radicals.
Another great tip for you today for those who love nut mylk is the very easiest way to make macadamia nut mylk. For the full recipe visit our Recipes page on our website by clicking on this link.