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Winter veggie abundance is on!

Remember, we are still in our glorious winter season so there is an abundance of veggies at our market – the perfect time to get an abundance of vitamins and minerals into our bodies. Toby from Johny’s Garden tells me that he has lots of celery this week (time to check back to the celery recipe we shared the other week – check our website). Over at Summit Organics, Ryan tells me that they have lots of greens on the go – including broccolini. Ryan has also asked me to let you know that greens and herbs will be 3 for $10 this week – what a great offer! Whereas, Sylva tells me that this week at Sylva Lining Organics snow peas and lemonade fruit (a cross between a lemon and an orange – so sweet but tangy) are in full flow! How lucky are we to have such a wide range of fresh, seasonal and local produce to choose from in these abundant winter months?