Potted double grafted avocado trees + lots more artisans and Caribbean sorbet is back.

What’s NEW at the Market this Week?
Avocado trees from Summertime Nursery are arriving this week for one week only. So here is a thought- why not get someone special – the gift that keeps on giving year after year – a never ending supply of avocados.

Tammy Peterson from Summertime Nursery is bringing single and double grafted potted avocado trees. Varieties of the double combinations include Wurtz, Shepard, Hass, Pinkerton, Sharwill and Fuerte. As Tammy said “there are 2 trees in 1 – 2 avocado varieties grafted to 1 tree for multiple fruiting and many flavours.
# Dwarf – 2 trees in 1 – that can be kept in a pot OR
# Medium – 2 trees in 1 – for a medium backyard.
Lots of choice

In addition to our regulars over the past couple of weeks we have MORE Artisan Pop-Ups this week including:

Bon Bon Ceramics – Brony brings her clay earrings, pendants and little bowls all made using   clay and collage. She is inspired by natural elements of colour, line, texture and design. She achieves through listening to her inner voice to create a visual experience that allows the viewer to connect to their own inner space of being igniting in them the creative flame that nourishes their soul. She said that “One of my favourite things is printing with my hand carved wooden printing blocks I’ve been collecting for years.  Great to stamp into clay to create a beautiful surface for the glaze to sit in.  Along with the blocks I also am a little obsessed with doilies and vintage lace, which also create a fantastic imprint.  White clay mixed with beautiful colours makes for a brighter world”.  

  • Tracy Litherland of Healthy 4 life is bringing beautiful handmade body products using organic ingredients where possible. These include cold pressed soaps, body and shampoo bars, herbal and therapeutic balms and creams, bath balls and crystals – all those things that we love to spoil our friends and family with during gift giving occasions and just occasionally ourselves too.
  • Thready Set Go is joining us tomorrow too. Bec  makes reusable handmade products using repurposed vintage remnant and vintage fabrics. The concept and values are similar to Gravity Accessories but what Bec makes is different and include cutlery wraps, cooling bands, washable reusable makeup removers and wash cloths. 


The Herbal Gardener returns this week for her last week.
One sample of the hand made useful items made by Bec Massey of Thready Set Go.


Paula La Belle, Amanda and some other volunteers from The Family Centre are bringing FUN activities for the littlies. They will be making Magic Reindeer Food Packs with the children and also bringing an assortment of twigs & raffia for making little Xmas tree decorations. Also Deb Hunt from Support for New Mums will be coming to talk to new mums about support available to them. She will sit with Paula and her volunteers at the Kiddies Patch. We love our community and all that it offers.


AND YES the market is on THIS Wednesday. BUT PLEASE note our trading changes for the following two weeks when the market on Mondays 23rd and 30th. Put it in your diary NOW. 👏🤩😍

This week we are very thrilled to have the very talented musician Naomi Connell coming for the first time.Triple J Unearthed said that: Naomi Connell weaves her lyrical tale of heartbreak and personal revelation as she leaves you breathless with her hauntingly clear vocals

Entertainment: Naomi Connell

Weather: The market will commence at a cool 16 degrees before creeping up to possibly high 20’s or low 30’s  so a lovely summers day for us this week.


BACK  this week:

  • Caribbean Sorbet
  • Mad Mountain Farm
  • Belle’s Kitchen
  • Loki’s Chai cart
  • Doggie-licious treats


ABSENT this week:

  • Tusta’s Heart and Halo  with hisfrozen vegan meals in a pack PLUS his turmeric chai for real spicy chai lovers.
  • Knox and Aya ice cream and mini pancakes


Christmas Orders:

Don’t forget to place your orders this week with Lee at All Natural Meat Co – pork for roasting or a leg of lamb for a truly Aussie  Christmas. If it is ham you are after – ham – on the bone, or sliced and whatever it is you want please let Lee know this week. 

REMEMBER* ATM at the market!
We have an ATM onsite for your shopping convenience.


Produce of the week (newest season produce is in bold):

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Beans
  • Beetroot
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • CORN
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflowers
  • Capsicum
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Lettuce
  • Onions and shallots
  • Pawpaw + papaya
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchinis
Raspberries and just a few blueberries as the season is running out for blueberrries.
Delicious vanilla custard from Woodland Valley Farm made using their super fresh eggs
Basil is still available at most of our organic farm stalls.