Weekly Update

What’s New this Week …..

Tomorrow The Wholesome Tart is back.

P1000654Linda is back with new and exciting Bali inspired ideas for you to try. She will have Nasi Goreng  made with the local organic brown rice and a Black Sticky Rice Pudding with a coconut, lemongrass agar jelly topping and a roasted black sesame sprinkle.

She will also have her popular:

  • Thai rice balls and coconut satay
  •  Japanese rice balls with wasabi mayo
  •  Blueberry Bliss Tart – this is raw, vegan and sugar free.
  • Aztec slice, and
  • Pear and millet slice.

Linda enjoys creating delicious recipes with some amazing grains – amaranth, quinoa, millet, barley and organic local brown rice.  Transforming these into wholesome tasty slices and puddings gives Linda immense satisfaction especially when she sees the delight on peoples’ faces as they sample one of her new offerings!   And be warned –  once you have had a taste they are hard to resist!

Pecan Cracking demonstration and pecan tasting …

This Wednesday Kaye McNaught will be demonstrating some pecan cracking techniques, offering delectable samples to taste and sharing an insight into pecan growing

While pecans nuts are still in supply, spring sees the deciduous trees come alive again as buds swell and new foliage shoots out.

Male and female flowers appear, with the wind spreading pollen through the trees to enable fertilisation. Pecan growers are busy irrigating and mowing to keep the orchard floor clean.

This hard work pays off when in December the new tiny nuts become visible. They will continue to grow in size over the summer months if the trees are given adequate moisture. Beneficial soil nutrients are applied to the orchard including worm juice, seaweed extract and sea minerals to support tree health and life.

April and May sees harvesting in full swing. Help from friends and family is very welcome! The trees are vibrated by a tractor-mounted shaker and ripe nuts fall onto shadecloth mats. The pecans are cleaned, sorted and dried using a dehydrator. Finally they are at the farmers’ market ready for you to enjoy!

These delicious, buttery yet rich-flavored pecans are a healthy source of energy, protein, minerals and the good oils. They have many of health benefits so include a handful a day in your diet.


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