Ratatouile – thanks to JuJu’s Jonathon Evans 

4 tomatoes

3 T (tablespoons of olive oil)

1 red capsicum

1 eggplant diced

1 T tomato puree

½ tsp chopped fresh thyme

2 T torn fresh basil leaves

2 cloves garlic

Score a cross in the base of each tomato and plunge into a bowl of boiling water for 20 seconds. Peel the skin off and discard. Dice the tomato flesh. Heat oil in a frying pan ad cook onion over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes, add capsicum and cook a further 5 minutes. Transfer these to a plate and set aside. Add the eggplant to the pan and cook over a medium heat for 5-6 minutes. Teturn the onion and capsicum to the pan and stir in the tomato puree. Add thyme and tomatoes. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 15 minutes stirring occasionally. Stir in basil.