Lime and Avocado TartIMG_3400IMG_3415

Base:Base: 1 cup almonds   + 1 cup dessicated coconut blended with 5 or 6 medjool dates (seeds removed), 1/2 tsp pure vanilla and about 2 tablespoons of  coconut oil. Vary this to get enough liquid to enable the mix to be blended and clump. Press into a 22cm tart or cake tin and place in the freezer.

Filling: Two avocados blended with the zest and juice of one to two limes and 2 tablespoons of coconut cream or oil. Use more if preferred. Two tablespoons honey.   Blend completely then place this thickish mixture into the chilled tart and sprinkle wth more lime zest or very finely grated dark chocolate.  Chill or freeze and enjoy with good friends (photo: thanks David and Kathryn).