Platypus Point is bringing beautiful proteas 👏

This week we are thrilled to welcome Cathryn Binstead of Platypus Point who is bringing her seasonal flowering proteas, kangaroo paw and more plus a range of chutneys and marmalades such as mango chutney, lime chutney, lime marmalade, lemon and lime marmalade, and rose apple jam. Seasonally she will include Davidson plum jam, wild raspberry jam, cumquat marmalade, three fruit marmalade and beetroot pickles.

Also new is Rose Harissa  – a delightful version of the traditional harissa available at Spice Palace. It has both rose petals and rose water along with all the regular harissa ingredients.  Rob from Spice Palace said that it was inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi. 
Harissa is a fiery and garlicky North African spice paste that’s traditionally served alongside bread, stews and couscous dishes or used as a seasoning for targines. It is often used in lentil soup too. However there are lots of less traditional ways to enjoy this fiery paste. You can use harissa on roasted vegies. For example simply brush a little on eggplant for a huge flavour boost just 10 minutes before serving.
 If you enjoy meat then rub a little on lamb, chicken and fish before roasting and it will add oodles of flavour. Serve with a side of rice or couscous and vegetables.
 It is also delicious as a spread on a sandwich or burger or even as a dip or as one element in a dip. Rip a piece of fresh crusty bread and dip it in harissa. 😋😱

Tip: green harissa is less fiery.
Coming soon are new season macadamia nuts – back possibly by mid March. More about this next week.

What's great at the market this week?

There is an abundance of beautiful juicy corn – so delicious barbecued in its own leafy wrapper then rolled in butter and enjoyed straight from the cob. The kernels of the cob are also delicious and so versatile adding flavour and texture to a wide variety of dishes including salads and fried rice.

Perhaps it is fresh salsa week this week! Cooking the kernels very briefly intensifies the flavour, so for your salsa, cut the kernels off your barbecued corn OR cook your cob on a griddle until heated through. Once cooled remove the kernels and in your bowl add chopped coriander, tomatoes, spring onions and  a little finely diced chilli.  A squeeze of lime and some Grumpy Grandma’s olive oil (from Rob at Spice Palace), then season to taste and ENJOY!

TIP: Eat your corn on the day you purchase it for the best flavour as corn loses its flavour the longer it is stored.