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New stall alert – Skinb

We have a new pop up stall joining us this week called Skinb. At Skinb you will find Cherith with her selection of skin care products. Cherith has always been interested in seeking out natural produce, during the infamous lockdowns when she had time on her hands she happened to read the ingredient list of one of the expensive creams she had been previously been buying and wondered what is all of this stuff that I am putting on my skin – and then started making her own, which is how Skinb was born. With Skinb you have the choice of buying a ready made natural skincare product or you can learn how to make it yourself, gift it to others so that they can try, or buy one of our bulk kits to make with your friends together. Please do welcome Cherith along to the market and pop by to see her product and ask any questions. Cherith will be located under the shed next to Yogi Nectar.