Misty Creek chickens and fennel galore.

What is NEW at the market? 

We have fresh deliciously tasty chickens and chicken pieces thanks to Misty Creek Agroforestry who have joined us bringing their TREE range chickens. 

Tom Bjorsten and Nicole Fredman – young enthusiastic farmers and owners of Mistry Creek Agroforestry embraced syntropic agroforestry, a regenerative way of farming when they decided to establish their farm. This approach to farming mimics the natural function of the local forest so is a great natural way to look after the planet. 

Their Tree Range chickens are organically grown chickens that live a true free range life foraging under trees and shrubs in their abundant agroforestry world. 

Tom said “we will be offering our fresh Tree Range chickens and cuts for the first time so the customers from Murwillumbah and the local villages that flock to the market each week are about to see what a difference it makes letting chickens live as they want to live. The taste and texture is unrivalled!”

Tom and Nicole also grow a range of agroforestry produce. They have a small market garden that includes ginger, turmeric and garlic plus a recently planted orchard that will supply us with many seasonal fruits in the future. They are still two or more years off harvesting from this orchard so we look forward to enjoying their kiwi fruit, pineapples, apples, stone fruit, asparagus and much more in a couple of years. 

Tom will be at the market each week from now on with his freshly dressed chickens and chicken cuts. Once every three weeks they will be fresh and in between he will have frozen whole and chicken cuts so we never miss out. 

Neil Perry's fennel and blood orange salad