Herbs in abundance – fresh and seedlings

Hello again Yesterday I read this extract from The Beekeeper’s Bible and felt compelled to share it with you. A honeybee performs a “waggle dance” to communicate the distance and direction if a new foraging site to her co-workers in the hive. She dances in a figure eight, moving in a clockwise semi-circle, then a straight line ….. and finally in a counterclockwise semi-circle. In winter …….. they generate heat by uncoupling their flight muscles from their wings and “shivering” or rapidly contracting and relaxing their muscles. I find the natural environment forever fascinating and as we depend on bees for much of our food their intelligence is especially fascinating. Many of our herbs are great for encouraging bees so this week I am shining the spotlight on our delicious winter herbs but first ….. The beautiful photo above is thanks to Mad Mountain Family Farm

What’s News at the Market this Week?

This week you will find Steve from One Organics (seedlings) between Jeremy at Raw EarthOrganic where you can pick up your favourite kombucha, … cold brew coffee and bottled fruit and vegie juices and Bondy with his meat bus Ethical Sustainable Products. Next stall along is Pete looking after Nimbin Valley Dairy.
And while winter is still cool, enjoy a bowl of warming winter porridge made with love by Brony at her Super Smoothie stall and using delicious pears from our Costanzo apple stall. Brony does vary the fruit according to what is abundant.

What’s GREAT at the Market this Week? 

Herbs – these are in abundance with plenty of fresh herbs for you to enjoy immediately. Many herbs we enjoy throughout the year whilst others are seasonal winter herbs. These include mustard greens at Summit Organics (SO) that can be used raw in salads and also in the fillings in pita, bread rolls and vegie wraps. They are also delicious in stir-fires and blended into soups.  Sensitive dill that shuns Australia’s dry heat is also at SO along with delicious fennel.
Basil has been popping up but not in huge quantities at Bio Organic Farm stall as well as curry leaves and other herbs too.
Coriander is generally available at the organic farm stalls and because of the abundance of fresh herbs they are offering great bundle prices such as three bunches for $8. Imagine coriander, parsley and mint all for just $8!! Or a fennel bulb, dill and thyme for the same!!
If you aren’t in a great hurry and love to grow your own then we have lots of herb and other seedlings to give you a great start. With the winter seedlings including lots of leafy greens and culinary herbs at One Organic and a unique range of unusual medicinal, culinary and fun herbs like pineapple sage and yarrow at Mad Mountain Family Farm (MMFF), we offer you a wonderful range to help you keep your vegie and herb garden flourishing. And if you love chillies then MMFF has an extensive variety of seedlings to keep you enthralled.
Many of these herbs attract bees, butterflies and pollinating insects – all beneficial for your garden and for the environment. So do yourself and the planet a favour and plant  beautiful herbs now  for more flowers this spring.

TIP: Yarrow is a natural soil fertiliser so grow heaps and then put a few leaves in your compost bin or dig some into your soil between crop rotations. 

My yarrow hasn’t flowered yet but I am looking forward to having a beautiful bunch of pink flowers in a vase in during spring.