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Fresh lasagna sheets are in at Woodland Valley Farm

Have you used fresh lasagna sheets before to make your home-made lasagna? Jodie at Woodland Valley Farm tells me that they have lots of fresh sheets in this week! All made with Woodland Valley Farm’s pasture raised eggs – that’s why the sheets have that rich pasta taste. If you haven’t used fresh sheets before, now the time to take your home-made lasagna up a notch! Not only are they perfect for your home-made lasagna but you could even try your own home-made cannelloni or even ravioli – and especially great at this time of year while it is a bit cooler. If you are a bit strapped for time as many of us are – you could even make life a little easier and purchase some of the lasagna components from Jodie at her stall – all you need is the pasta sheets and a packet of Ragu alla Bolognese then maybe a sprinkle of cheese from Nimbin Valley Dairy or Cheeses Loves You and a dash of herbs from Summit Organics to finish – so it’s all ready to go! Sounds delicious!