What's new this week?

This week try the nutty rich flavoured Romanesco zucchini.  Sylva Lining Organics has it in plentiful supply at the great price of $8 per kilo or $5  per kilo for the extra large.


Possibly because it is renowned for staying tender even when very large it is the zucchini variety favoured by River Cottage and Jamie Oliver.

The Romanesco zucchinin is a standout Italian heirloom variety with firm flesh that is perfect for steaming, stir-fries or grilling.

I love it sliced and layered with other vegetables and baked into a gratin but this week I just had to use the ones I bought last week to make a savoury zucchini slice.

Savoury Romanesco Zucchini Slice –  GF


1 large romanesco zucchini (approx. 360 grams)

1 large brown onion finely chopped

6 rashes of bacon diced (optional – I use 360 grams ricotta or quark instead)

1 cup tasty cheese or a smaller amount of parmesan

1 cup almond meal (maybe add a tablespoon of coconut flour if the mixture is too moist)

1 tblsp seeded or yellow mustard

5 eggs lightly beaten

Himalayan rock salt and ground pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

Grate zucchini and mix with all other ingredients.

Cook in a quiche dish for maybe about 20 minutes. Tis will depend on how oust you r mixture is so keep a close eye on it. I also sometimes make individual muffins.

Note: Fritter option- this is also delicious with some finely shredded chicken and fried in coconut oil.

Whichever option you choose ,it is delicious served with a fresh garden salad.

Sylva Lining Organics also recommend using it in the follow ways:

  • stuffed zucchini
  • grilled zucchini (see photo)romanesco-zucc1
  • tempura zucchini
  • zucchini soup