We welcome Crabbes Creek Wood Fired

Crabbes Creek Wood Fired – with their irresistible gourmet pizzas baked in their mobile wood fired oven  now at the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market.  They also bring to the market a range of home baked wood fired delicious sourdough breads. I think it is safe to predict that their olive and black pepper sourdough will be one of many  popular choices. 1505032_625361074189993_1283439553_n

In a couple of weeks we will see new season pecan nuts adding to our range of fresh nuts with new season macadamias already back at the market.  When you taste the new season nuts you realise how different they are from store bought nuts of an unknown age! Come in and try these NOW!

Into the Hopper for cleaning

At this time of year we are seeing new season produce each week  – autumn greens are in full production with beans, spinach, cos and lots of kale and chicory; new pumpkins along with sweet potatoes, capsicum, zucchini; limes are now available and finger limes will continue through to the end of April.  While up in Brisbane this week I saw organic finger limes for $66.00/kilo so our chemical free finger limes from our local Five90 Farm are so well priced. This fruit with its natural pulp colours and unique lime flavor has so much to offer that it s vast range of uses is only limited by ones imagination!

By the middle of April we will see Narbey’s Best Avocadoes return with Sheppards and a few other varieties as well.   I love this time of year for its variety – so much choice!