Summer corn, organic tempeh and more!

Corn glorious corn!

Bite into the glorious sweetness of a fresh cob of corn this week. The really young cobs are delicious raw. When selecting corn  –  look for green, moist husks that cling tightly to the corn. Deep brown silky tips means that it’s ripe, but the whole silk shouldn’t be dried up. To check, peel the husk slightly, and check the top row of kernels for plumpness and density.images-5

Corn on the cob is a natural on the barbecue. Soak corn cobs with husks on before roasting for 15 minutes on barbecue, turning often. Remove husks, put a skewer in each end and serve with butter or butter seasoned with garlic, chives and cracked pepper.  YUM! Alternatively, husks can be removed and corn roasted until browned.

Grapes ……  next week!

Tanzo’s were to be back this week with grapes but alas they have delayed picking for another week! So we will just have to salivate for a little longer. It will be worth the wait when they arrive. Don’t you just love the suspense of shopping seasonally!

Spice Palace for Olives…..

Bring your bottles in to Spice Palace to stock up on olive oil this week. Duska was caught out by its popularity last week and ran out. …. And she also carries ….

Byron Bay Tempeh (information from their website …..)

Tempeh is a fermented ‘living’ food, which originated in Indonesia.

As a whole food, tempeh is nutritionally very rich. Tempeh is one of the highest known vegetarian source of vitamin B12.

It is also one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. Because of its fermented nature, tempeh is very high in natural pro-biotics. This makes it very easy to digest. Tempeh is high in fibre, contains no cholesterol and is very low in saturated fat.

At Byron Bay Tempeh we use state of the art technology to produce the highest quality, boutique style fresh tempeh.homepage

Byron Bay Tempeh is lovingly hand made using the best quality Australian ingredients. The chickpeas, apple cider vinegar and Tasmanian wakame seaweed we use are all certified organic. All of the ingredients used in Byron Bay Tempeh are non GMO.