Rosellas, Taro and Shorty Brown!

Just Harvested  – Rosellas  – A Super Special

This week Sylva Lining Organics has been busy harvesting loads of Rosellas so look for their Certified Organic Rosella  Super Special –  only $6/kg.

rosellaThe rosella plant  – a relative of the ornamental hibiscus –  originated in Africa and Asia and is loved the whole world over.  Although every part of plant is edible it is the fleshy red calyx and bracts that surround the green seedpod of the plant that are used for making the ever popular jam and drinks such as cordials and teas. It is important for cooking and drying for tea leaves that the calyx are taken from the plant when plump and young.

Taros are now in season at Jumping Red Ant

This is a popular root vegetable in many cultures although it is still uncommon in Australian kitchens so go out on a limb and be inspired by the taro fritter recipe below. Or try baking strips of taro for crisp taro chips or you might like to try a Samoan recipe using taro root poached and then served in hot coconut cream with onions and salt. This Samoan dish is great with fish.


School Holidays is time to have fun so Shorty Brown is joining us!

Lively, FUN! FUN! and MORE FUN! That is our children’s colourful entertainment this week. Bring your children to enjoy this – must not miss  – entertainer – Shorty Brown!

For fun with balloons, magic and comedy! Shorty Brown says … she has travelled all around the world entertaining small and tall, the funniest, trippest clown from the Byron Bay town.

Balloons, magic and comedy performance is what makes the world go round. Simple and quirky!


Taro Fritters

Taro Fritters

Ingredients: Taro, onion, eggs, salt and pepper and coconut oil.

Method: Peel taro and grate into a bowl. Add finely chopped onion and season to taste. Mix in  2-4 eggs (enough to bind the mixture) and fry tablespoons if the mixture n coconut oil.

Serve with a chilli chutney.