Chai Harem commences and Kransky Bros back!

Coming soon!

During the second week of the school holidays – on Wednesday 1st October Nimbin Valley Dairy will be bringing some of their beautiful baby goats to the market for children to see and maybe pat. This will be a “Kids for kids day” so tell your friends and book them in to enjoy a wonderful market day.


New stallholder this week:

Greg and Henry from Chai Harem will be bringing you a range of Chai Teas and Herbal teas served with whole spices in a wonderfully colourfully soft seat lounge tent. Their range includes chai tea, dandelion chai, apple chai, chocolate chai and lots of herbal teas. They will also be offering sweet treats or you can bring your purchases from other stalls to enjoy with your tea.ChaiHaremGen


Kransky Brothers are back with egg, bacon and mushroom rolls plus their authentic German sausages made to their family’s secret recipe and served straight from the hot plate in fresh bread rolls with a choice of sauerkraut, onion and German mustard.


Changes at the market!

Crabbes Creek Wood Fired will definitely have a great supply of freshly baked sour dough BUT NO pizza‘s this week. Jon sends his apologies as he has a funereal to attend.

Farmers Choice Organics at the market EVERY week now.


Farm highlight

All our farm stalls are audited periodically by an independent auditor to ensure that the produce they sell is the produce that they grow on their farms. This week’s farm highlight is Cecil Farm. Donna and Des’s very productive farm at Doon Doon supports beef cattle and small cropping on good loam soils.


Des and his brother Barry Cecil (whose farm is at Terranora) come from a family that has farmed in the Tweed area for a number of generations. Their experience includes dairy, bananas and cane cutting. For the past 27 years Des’s focus has been vegetable growing at Doon Doon.





Around 8ha of the Doon Doon farm is dedicated to vegetable production with a  3.5 ha paddock incorporated in 2013. This particular paddock is proving to be a very productive area (having previously grown clover) allowing the older areas to be used more lightly. Currently in production are beetroot, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, fennel, kale, leeks, parsnips, onions, radishes, shallots, swedes, a variety of peas, silver beet and  shallots.Also approved to produce and sell are beans, basil, capsicum, chillies, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, parsley, potatoes, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, watermelon,  rock melon and passionfruit.IMG_0175

The auditor, Brian Sundstrom reported that there are significant plantings of many vegetables, with the new paddock providing the main ‘pick’.


I look forward to seeing you at your farmers market – every Wednesday

7am until 11am (rain or shine), Murwillumbah Showgrounds via the

Harry Williams


Sue Beckinsale – Market Manager