Narbey’s Best Avocados

Blanche and Douglas Narbey are farmers from Upper Burringbar. These seasoned farmers produce a large range of avocados gving them an exptended season. These include the Pinkerton, Shepard and Hass avocados.  Pinkerton avocado has the ability to adapt very well to cooler climates. Its fruit is quite large with a longer neck and a smaller seed making the fruit quite fleshy. Shepard avocados have smooth green skin and golden buttery flesh which doesn’t turn brown when cut. Shepards are not common to the Tweed, but Douglas has successfully grown the variety on a higher part of their property where it is a couple of degrees warmer. The popular Hass has a distinctive pebbly skin and more oval shape than other varieties and turns a rich purple when ripe and ready to eat.  Apart from being amazingly tasty, like other fruits avocados are high in water (75%) but remain nutrient dense. They are rich in fibre and healthy fats while naturally low in sugar and sodium. Avocados are very good for us – high in vitamin C, chock full of anti-oxidants, great for our skin and a good source of beneficial mono-unsaturated fats. The body needs fats as they are vital for good health. The low fat mantra is a thing of the past and everyone is returning to healthy plant sources of fats such as avocados.

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