Pasta Sauces made by Woodland Valley Farm

What’s NEW at the Market?

How does porcini mushrooms and red wine blended perfectly in Nonna’s rich and hearty Ragu Alla bolognese sound for an easy meal especially when using Woodland Valley Farm’s fresh artisan pasta. As Fabian said “your taste buds are about to journey to the heart of Tuscany”. He has drawn on his Italian heritage to produce this amazing bolognese sauce AND his Sugo Allla Basilico vegetarian pasta sauce made from vine ripened tomatoes and basil. These and Woodland Valley Farm’s new duck egg custard made with love and Australian vanilla are available at the market every week now. Pop in and say high to Jodie and Fabian this week and check them out. There may even be a sample available.

Bolognase sauce for meat lovers. Simply add fresh pasta and your meal is ready.
Vegetarian vine ripened tomoatoes and basil sauce
Delicious duck egg custard

What’s GREAT at the Market?

What do you keep in the cupboard above your kettle? 

Jenny Kinneally-Clark of The Cupboard Above the Kettle market stall brings a wealth of knowledge about herbs and herbal teas. So she stocks in her cupboard beautiful healing herbal teas.

Jenny said that she loves to engage with the community answering questions and contributing to local health so she is offering her own created medicinal tea blends and she is happy to tailor blends to specific requirements.

Jenny is also passionate about locally grown, vibrant produce and promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle. As a practicing naturopathic Jenny sees clients in Cawongla, 40 mins south of Murwillumbah.

 If you love gentle healing teas and would like a little advice you will find Jenny in the pavilion – between Summit Organics  and Yogi Nectar. 

Albert – Jenny’s partner –   adds to this stall offering clothed seated massages that range from 10 minutes to half an hour. On arrival at the market book your spot with Al as they fill up early. And he must be good as many  of the farmers take up the chance to have a massage with Al when they have aches and pains. 

Kiddies Patch activitiesthis week we have Paula La Belle and Amanda from The Family Centre celebrating spring. They are setting up some beautiful activities for children from littlies to primary school aged children making nature crowns with collected natural materials. 

Stallholder Changes this Week: 

BACK this week:

  • Crabbes Creek Woodfired and 
  • Vietnamese Lotus 

 ABSENT this week:

  • Tusta’s Heart and Halo PLUS his turmeric chai for real spicy chai lovers AND
  • Leanne and Anne Marie’s  Doggie-licious treats
  • Nudgel Nuts for 3 weeks.
  • One Organic seedlings 

 Stock up on all your meat requirements for the next fortnight  All Natural Meat Co this week as Lee will be absent next week.


Entertainment: Leigh James

Weather: Partly cloudy with some light winds. Overnight temperatures will be between 9 and 12 degrees with daytime temperatures reaching the low to mid 20s.



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