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What a Mess

Some of you I am sure will know Timmy very well as he one of our treasured food stalls – and in this case providing us with the staple bacon and egg roll!  

Timmy started at the market as a pop-up stall towards the back end of 2022. At the end of last year, Timmy was approved as a permanent weekly stallholder, which is fantastic news for both us and him – well done Timmy!  

Timmy is originally from Perth and moved over to the Gold Coast with his family a number of years ago. Back in Perth, his mum had a café and she taught him the ropes of running the café, making and preparing food. When Timmy and his family moved over to the Gold Coast he asked his mum if she would be setting up her café again but her answer was no.  Timmy then decided he would carry this on for them. And this is when What a Mess was born!  

Timmy tells me that he named the stall ‘What a Mess’ because when his mum was teaching him the ropes she kept telling him he was making a mess. Luckily things aren’t such a mess now and Timmy is getting his delicious sandwiches and toasties to us all each week.  

Over the last few years, Timmy has been learning to bake bread. He is now even baking the Turkish rolls that he serves his sandwiches and toasties in – and they are delicious. Timmy tells me that he does all his baking the day before the market so that the bread is fresh but easy to cut. Timmy also sources his fillings from local producers and farmers if and where possible, so keeping our sandwiches and toasties as sustainable as he can. 

So, what is on the menu? At the moment you will find a range of sandwiches and toasties at What a Mess including a ham, cheese and tomato, bacon and egg, chicken pesto and a veggie-option too. Sounds delicious! 

What a lovely story and I am so excited to see where Timmy takes What a Mess going forward. If you would like to know more about Timmy and What a Mess, please pop by to have a chat with him or follow him on Instagram.