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Totally Rawesome

Totally Rawesome is the brain-child of Jennifer and Jason, a pair of health-minded individuals from the Gold Coast. Their journey to discovering the many benefits of turmeric began when their golden retriever, Neylah began having hip and arthritic problems. The vet advised steroids and other pharmaceuticals, but they knew that there had to be a natural, therapeutic remedy for their beautiful Neylah.  

That’s when they discovered turmeric – and all about its many heath advantages for both animals and people – and Totally Rawesome was born.  

Jason and Jennifer have a simple philosophy – that there is a healthier, chemical free and more natural way to treat your body. They believe this can be achieved by going back to the basics of eating the right foods, healing from the inside out, treating your body kindly and with respect using only products and foods that will do just this.  

And this is where Totally Rawesome’s turmeric paste and other products come in! They’ve seen the benefits of turmeric paste first-hand and are now committed to bringing those benefits to anyone else who is looking to experience them.  Jason tells me that turmeric is known to be a ‘healing spice’ – containing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.  

In creating their produce line Totally Rawesome use natural, organic, ethically sourced, high-quality and chemical-free products. They do so knowing that it will have long-term benefits for them, their children and their customers and their families

Jennifer also tells me that when customers first find out about their turmeric paste they ask ‘what makes their turmeric paste so special?’.  And the reason is:  

  • it’s easy to use 
  • it’s preservative free 
  • it’s made fresh each week and from high-quality ingredients 
  • there is better absorption of all the goodness of turmeric into the body in paste form  
  • it’s versatile – so you can use it when making omelettes, acai bowls, smoothies, stir-fry’s, meat marinades, salad dressings or even when baking 

Totally Rawesome’s product range includes turmeric paste, bliss balls, salad dressing, pet treats and also a turmeric paste especially made to suit our furry friends. 

What a fabulous story of how the personal experience of our stallholders, like Jennifer and Jason, has led to the birth of such a great idea and product – well done Totally Rawesome! If you would like more information about Totally Rawesome and their products, please pop by to see Jason at the market, check out their website ( and follow their adventures on Instagram.