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Smoothie Operators

As many of you will know Bron and Andrew have been at the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market for almost 4 years now – making sure we have access to healthy and delicious juices, smoothies and breakfasts every week while shopping at the market. They now have I suppose a cult following with many of us each week eagerly awaiting that tasty juice or smoothie and of course a healthy, nutritious breakfast.  

Before Smoothie Operators was born, Bron was an avid farmers’ market customer – each week visiting one of our local farmers’ markets, she worked in catering and also had experience working on a local organic farm. So, Bron has always been passionate about making sure she had access to healthy, local food. 

All of those years ago, when Bron was a customer at the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market she noticed a gap in the market so to speak – she noticed that there were no juice or smoothie stalls. This got Bron thinking – this was the great opportunity where she could turn her passion for healthy, local produce into her own business and fill that gap in the market for the community by bringing her delicious creations to the market.  

Bron bit the bullet and applied for a spot at the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market and was successful – and so the Smoothie Operator following began. Smoothie Operators has been such a success you will now find them at many other farmers’ markets in our local area, including New Brighton, Merrimac and Currumbin Community Markets. Well done to Bron and Andrew. 

So, what’s on the Smoothie Operator menu at the moment? As always, there is a wide selection of juices – the Visionary, the Greeny and the Beetle Juice – all freshly made, tasty and packed with nutrients. Then of course, there are smoothies, which include the Blueberry Blast, Crunchy Cacao and the new summer season Mango Macadamia- with local macas, of course! Through time, Bron and Andrew have also now branched into food – in the winter I am sure you are all very familiar with their scrumptious and warming porridge, while this spring and summer we are all starting to enjoy their chia pudding – yum.  

Bron and Andrew are also passionate about what goes into their food and drinks – so almost all of their ingredients are certified organic and where possible are sourced either from the market or as local as possible. Perfect.  

Bron is also a member of the Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market Management Committee, which gives her the opportunity to bring her passion to the market as a whole – not just to the Smoothie Operators business. So, Bron, along with the other Committee Members, is a crucial part of the future direction of the market, which is fantastic to see. 

Isn’t the Smoothie Operator story a great one? If you would like more information, please do have a chat one week to Bron and Andrew – and also check out the chia pudding this week too! See you next week for another instalment of ‘Meet Your Stallholder’.