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Nimbin Valley Dairy

Nimbin Valley Dairy lies on a winding country road between Nimbin village and Tuntable Falls in Northern NSW. It’s the home of Kerry, Paul and three sons, together with approximately 150 of the happiest free-ranging goats this side of Capricorn.
Both Kerry and Paul come from a long line of dairy farmers and share a passion for simple wholesome produce. Paul grew up on a dairy at Woodlawn near Lismore and studied at the National Centre for Dairy Education, winning the Dairy Australia Cheesemaking Scholarship in 2007. As the family cheesemaker his passion is creating great tasting cheeses.

Kerry was raised on a dairy farm in Kyogle and after studying business and accounting at university he worked in the city for a few years, before returning to the country to provide his sons with a childhood similar to his own. As the family number-cruncher Kerry is often the unsung hero who keeps it all ticking over behind the scenes.

Together, their produce represents five generations of Australian dairying and cheesemaking heritage. Kerry and Paul now dedicate their time to managing the farms and helping their goats and cows produce some of the best tasting produce in the region.
“Our food is what it is. No numbers in the ingredients list and no words you can’t pronounce. Just a simple pleasure we’ve enjoyed for generations and are now sharing with you”.