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Local Dorper Lamb

Marina and Warren Wiggins were, but like many of us, drawn by some magical thread back to the land. They were both born and raised in Western NSW where farming has been in their families for many generations.

Whilst working as a teacher (Marina) and in various areas of management (Warren) the call of farming won and they established Boorabee Dorper Stud at Bexhill in 2011.  It is from this wonderful farm that they now provide many farmers’ markets with an exceptional product – locally bred, prime Dorper lamb.

Who would have thought that sheep would thrive in this part of the Northern Rivers with its wet and humid conditions? It seems though that Dorper lambs are a breed of sheep ideally suited to this area. They shed their fleece naturally and have tough hooves that cope with the wet conditions! 
The sheep at Local Dorper Lamb are hormone-free and raised in a stress-free environment using sustainable and organic farming principles. The sheep graze year-round on 80 acres of quality pasture and natural grasses which include cloves, plantain and chicory.  The farm practices rotational feeding where paddocks are spelled for 2 months, ensuring premium pasture regeneration and parasite burden minimisation. They have the very popular Marema dogs to help guard their flock. 

Not only will Warren have their most popular cuts of lamb at our market, he will also have their lamb tallow – for those of us who remember tallow, plus fermented seaweed fertiliser for sale. They ferment this seaweed brew on their farm and use it liberally on their own pastures. Being packed full of microbes it is the perfect food for our soil. If you’re a gardener wanting extra healthy soil microbes so that you can grow extra strong veggies, then this is for you. 

Marina and Warren’s Dorper lamb is so delicious that it is served at many local 5-star restaurants. Is there any better recommendation than that for a tasty cut of lamb?  Once tasted this will be your all-time favourite place to purchase fresh lamb.