New season pecans are in 👏 & new decadent chocolate dukkah 😋😋



We are excited that Tweed River Pecans new season nuts arrive this week. They are so fresh they taste so creamy and are simply wonderful. Tweed River Pecans is a small scale family run orchard that embraces regenerative agriculture and biological farming methods.  Located only 10 minutes from the market Kaye McNaught delivers these hand sorted and hand packed pecans to Rob at Spice Palace each week.  So pop in grab a packet and while you are there pick up a jar of Spice Palace’s VERY special Tumeric & Nut Fermented Pate. Rob is so sorry that he ran out early last week and has assured me that he will have many more jars this week.



Spice Palace is also very excited to be introducing another new product. It is their totally decadent Chocolate Dukkah. A mix of cacao nibs, coconut, macadamias and pecans roasted in maple syrup and coconut sugar. I’ve discovered that chocolate dukkah is delicious for breakfast. I’ve tried it sprinkled on my chia pudding but you could try it on top of your favourite pancakes, or yoghurt and stewed or fresh fruit. For dinner- imagine it baked with pears or apples for a special dessert! It truly is decadent. As Michele from Emubeads said after popping a spoonful straight in her mouth “it is a blast of taste sensations”.

This week I am shining the light on tomatoes. They are such a versatile vegie (well fruit actually). They are perfect on your morning toast with a little fetta or cheese and rocket (as Tania from Summit Organics  suggests and shows in her photo below), they add delightful colour and flavour to a green or Greek salad and make a superb pasta sauce, soup or as an addition to many evening meals.
Most of our farm stalls have tomatoes right now especially the Tommy Toes or cherry tomatoes.  Vine ripened large round tomatoes can be found at Bio Organic Farm and romas at Summit Organics and JRA and even some baby romas can be spotted. Bio Organic Farm has the yellow babies in the photo below and often these can be found at JRA too.

Belinda Jeffrey has inspired many with her cooking classes and one of my weekend joys is to read her Instagram posts. So when I saw her tomato tart (thanks Ellie Beck who posted it on our Facebook page) I was inspired to make it. I would love to know what your favourite tomato recipe is.

Custard Apples have also arrived at the market at several of our farm stalls.

Roasted Tomato and Cashew Salsa (now here is a salsa with a difference)