NEW – Doggie-Licious and Sweet Pumpkins

What’s NEW at the Market this Week?

Do you love giving your best four-legged friend a treat? Or giving them the best baked most natural dry dog food products ever? Leanne Anspach from Doggie-Licious has a great selection for you.

Leanne believes that “preservatives have no place in our doggies lives and after many years of trying to find the most healthy treats for our doggies  – we tried everything, from ‘organic’ to ‘natural’  – but nothing quite seemed to be what they were claiming to be.  We wanted good quality ingredients no preservatives and no addictive salt, so one day I just decided if that’s what I wanted I would have to make them myself.”   

Leanne is at the market this week with handmade doggie biscuits in four flavours – chicken, kangaroo, bacon and veggie. Plus a range of un-preserved and “intreated” dry products including pig’s ears, kangaroo, chicken, bacon and salmon sticks; dry bones, roo tendons , liver, chicken breast and jerky so visit Leanne this week and give your dog a new food experience.

Although dogs are not permitted (council regulations) in the market precinct we do have a doggies area under trees near the big green door on the LHS of the vehicular entry gate. Here you will find bowls of water and a fence that you can attach your dog’s lead to while you shop.

Don’t forget that we now have the most delicious pastured  eggs from Woodland Valley Farm. Visit and Fabbian and Jodie’s stall and you will discover that the welfare of their hens is a priority. 

Stall being set up in the dark - before sunrise

What’s GREAT this Week?  Beautiful cooler nights are heralding cooler days so it is the perfect time to enjoy warming foods. With so many perfect and very sweet pumpkins at the market I am thinking pumpkin soup, pumpkin and sage gnocchi or roasted pumpkin penne with pecans and crispy sage or a curried lentil and pumpkin soup or honey baked pumpkin or a roasted pumpkin salad with honey and balsamic dressing OR even a pumpkin and rum cake by Sophie Hansen – food writer and farmer from Local is Lovely. What is your favourite pumpkin recipe?

Stallholder Changes this Week: 

New: Doggie-Licious is starting this week.

Food Baby is starting next week with their vegetarian toasties.

Back: The Murwillumbah Community Men’s Shed

Away: Nudgel Nuts is absent for the next 3 weeks while Leone and Ian travel – returning 24th April.

And late news – The Gourmet Salad Hut due to hot weather and now cold nights it has thrown their growth cycles out of kilter. They should be back next week. 

ABSENT due to seasonal variations:

  • Narbey’s Best Avocados – returns June – sadly later than ever due to a poor season again. Luckily Jumping Red Ant has avos too and being coastal they are at the market NOW 
  • Tweed River Pecans – Update – Kaye and David and all pecan farmers are patiently watching the new seasons nuts as they ripen. When the husks split open like this, the pecans are mature and ready to drop. This week we will start harvesting from the earliest varieties. 
    After being cleaned, sorted and dried these fresh pecans will be available at the market in about 3 weeks.
  • Barefoot Farm – returns in May
  • Blueberry Fields returns July/August 
Tweed River Pecans returns on 17th April
NOW! JRA - Fuertes

ON 17th APRIL the market is celebrating 8 years of bringing local and regional produce to you from our local growers and producers. At the market on 17th children will be making an art installation with clay guided by local artists. This will be continued during the M-Arts trail to produce a wonderful art installation that will be displayed during the art trail and permanently displayed at the market.

Leading up to this date we are running a colouring-in competition for primary school age children. We would love see entries by children across the Tweed and beyond so please spread the word and encourage children in your life to enter. There will a a winner in each of the four age categories announced at the market on 17th.

Entertainment:  Leigh James

Weather:  Partly cloudy with chance of showers. Daytime temperatures will reach mid to high twenties. Last week the showers came after the market – so fingers cross for the same again. 

Community Stalls this week:

Murwillumbah Community Mens’ Shed with their great camphor laurel boards and more!