Macadamias are back but no olives for 2 weeks!

Nudgel Nuts is back with new season macas!

Of course when we think macas the only thought should be delicious buttery macadamia nuts. Full of wonderful healthy 78% monounsaturated fats they are also a good source of protein containing all of the essential amino acids as well as some non-essential amino acids. As Ian says “our nuts are dry roasted at a low temperature to ensure the goodness is kept in”.

mfm maca nuts

Tests conducted by the University of Newcastle and by researchers in the United States have shown that a daily ‘dose’ of macadamia nuts lowers blood cholesterol levels and may even encourage weight loss.

Recent studies have demonstrated that constituents other than fats in tree nuts may be responsible for their cholesterol-lowering effects!

(Macadamia Nut Consumption Lowers Plasma Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels in Hypercholesterolemic MenManohar L. Garg2, Robert J. Blake, and Ron B. H. Wills* )

Don’t forgetgrapes, new season Royal Gala apples AND pears NOW at the market! 1891300_672241972831921_1283352126_n

No Olives for two weeks! Duska from Spice Palace is taking a well earned break with her  family so unfortunately we won’t have any olives until 19th March. SORRY!