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Fresh coconut milk now made in-house!

Last week, Bron at Smoothie Operators was very proud and excited to let me know that she is now making her own coconut milk – this coconut milk is of course used in the delicious smoothies, puddings and porridge. Bron tells me that she makes this with shredded coconut, spring water, macadamia oil (sourced from Rainforest Foods) and also a dash of maple syrup. Not only does making her own coconut milk mean that Bron no longer has to trail round the local food stores for the right coconut milk but it means that she is able to make the coconut milk either the day before in preparation for the market day or on the market day itself, so, her coconut milk couldn’t be any fresher! Bron also tells me that one of the driving forces behind them wanting to make this change was simply to reduce the amount of waste that their business produces – usually coconut milk from the supermarket comes in containers – by making their own the amount of waste coming from their stall is significantly reduced. This means there is also less waste going into the market’s bins each week. Thank you Bron and Andrew for making this more sustainable change at your stall – and of course all resulting in an even more delicious product for all of us customers