You are currently viewing Artisans this week include Brony’s Studio, the Mens Shed and Montana’s Crystals

Artisans this week include Brony’s Studio, the Mens Shed and Montana’s Crystals

This week we have more artisan stalls popping up as we draw closer to the holiday season. This week’s artisans will be:  

  • Platypus Point 
  • Winding Road Distilling Co.  
  • Emu Beads 
  • Montana’s Crystals 
  • Brony’s Studio  
  • Mens Shed 

Most of you will have most probably been along to the Mens Shed before – they are a regular monthly stall that have been coming along to the market for a number of years. Over the holiday period you will be seeing the Mens Shed a lot more so I thought it is a great opportunity to tell you a bit more about them. Rod tells me that the Mens Shed started 10 years ago and the purpose of it is for the wellbeing of their members – simply that it is a place to come along and mix with other men.  The men at the Mens Shed do metal work, wood work and blacksmithing. The men make all of the wood products – so bread boards, platters, kitchen utensils and all sorts – and bring them along to sell at the market each month and the income that they generate enables the Mens Shed to be self-sufficient and keep their members’ costs down. Rod tells me that they also do projects for local schools and community groups and on top of this they also do minor repairs and small hobs for the public – how great! Rod and the boys will be joining us on the run up to the festive period so please do pop by and say hi and of course, they will have plenty of bread boards and allsorts that would make perfect gifts. You will find the Mens Shed under the shed near Yogi Nectar.  

This week we also have Brony’s Studio starting at the market as an artisan stallholder for the festive period. You will most probably remember Brony as she has been to the market a number of times previously. Brony tells me that she started playing with clay back 23 years ago, when she was studying painting but just kept coming back to clay and her ceramics. Brony says that the clay keeps bringing her back – and she just has to keep doing it. What Brony loves about working with clay is the texture and the feeling of it in her hands. She also describes working with clay as a rollercoaster of emotions – she said there is so much excitement when you’re making the piece, then it goes in the kiln and that excitement turns to anticipation wondering what the piece will be like. You will notice that many of Brony’s pieces have some form of texture. Brony loves texture and adding texture to her work and she uses just about anything to create the texture including vintage lace, things from nature and all over. Over the next few weeks Brony will have with her a range of her colourful handmade plant pots, wall hearts, earrings, bracelets and much more so please do stop to say hi. You will find Brony outside in the gravel area. 

Last but by no means least, I would like to let you know about one more artisan stallholder that you must stop by to see this week and in the lead up to Christmas – and that is Montana. You will find Montana’s stall in between Everest Farm Bananas and Colloidal Silver. Montana started as an artisan stallholder last week and was also with us last year on the lead up to the festive period, so you will most likely remember her crystal necklaces. Montana tells me that this all started when she was a little girl and she started collecting crystals and then she started to make them into macrame necklaces. Each necklace is unique, stunning and intricately woven which makes them a thoughtful gift idea for someone special or even yourself. Montana has a range of crystal necklaces already pre-made however, if there is a crystal of your own you would like Montana to make into a macrame necklace for you then please do stop by to chat to her about how she can help.