YES we are open 😍👋 with lots of changes in set-up this week.

It is such a dynamic time now with changes being announced daily in response to the risk factors associated with C-19. So we are all in this together and your health remains of paramount concern to us and that is why we have made some more changes this week. You maybe delightfully surprised at our new market layout so please come and take your time looking for your favourite stalls. We think it will help with the social distancing when queuing at our larger farm stalls. And please read out COVID- 19 Update at the bottom of this blog. THANK YOU.

All our larger farm stalls will be OUTSIDE this week and for the foreseeable future to enable better social distance compliance for all customers queuing for their beautiful fresh produce.


Vietnamese Lotus – is offering frozen meals from this week. These are:

  • Free-range Butter Chicken on basmati rice – $13.00
  • Thai Pork curry on jasmine rice -$12.00.

Our other food-to-eat stalls  – Oki Food and Super Smoothies as well as Sri Govinda Dham and Deli Café will provide their food in take-away containers for your convenience.

 Plantasy Nursery will be popping up this week with lots of colour to keep you cheerful. Jutta and Ulrich specialise in rare and unusual plants such as exotic climbers, flowering topiaries, coloured grasses & flowering hanging baskets so this week you might just find that little extra colour that will brighten up your day.

I love being inspired to cook something a little different do you? So under these photos is an inspiring recipe and photos of Honey Carrots with garlic and ginger from one of our very regular customers, Ellie Beck, who is also looking after our social media. Thank you Ellie.

Honey Roasted Carrots with Ginger and Garlic
Dinner was honey roasted carrots, with ginger and garlic. That roasted caramelised ginger was one the tastiest things I’ve made and eaten lately! Give it a go with the carrots in your fridge today. Market will be open on Wednesday so you can stock with more.
🥕Cut carrots into sticks or if they’re small leave whole. You can keep the tops and tails on too if you want
🌿 thinly slice fresh ginger and crush garlic (cut the cloves in half of they’re big)
❄️ sprinkle salt and pepper
🍯 add olive oil and toss to coat, then drizzle honey over the top.
🔥at about 180-200 for maybe 20 minutes, depending on how cooked you like your carrots. Toss during cooking to get all the juices coating all the carrots.

What's great at the market this week?

Here are some tips from our market naturopath, Jenny Kenneally,  who is at the market every week at her stall The Cupboard Above the Kettle.
How to build a resilient immune system?
Jenny advises that “our immune system is intricately linked to our nervous system.  Fear and stress can weaken it so it can be useful to use herbs that help us to adapt to stresses and nourish our nerves while also allowing for a good refreshing nights’ sleep.
Our digestive system needs to be working optimally to absorb all necessary nutrients and feed our vital microbiome – the thousands of good bacteria, viruses and fungi with whom we have evolved. We can use our aromatic herbs and spices for this.
Eating nutrient dense foods from our local farmers’ market is a great start to building a resilient immune system too. We can also use herbs to tone our mucous membranes which are our first line of defence against what enters us from the outside.
Nature supplies us with yet other herbs to modulate our immune system, check a fever, help dampen irritating coughs, and cough up excess mucous, and drain our lymphatic system of the debris when we have been fighting off any infection.
All these measures help our cells to maintain a healthy resonant frequency – to ” hum with vitality”.
Our thoughts and emotions can be our best defence so my recipe is plant medicine and GRATITUDE for our many blessings. Pop in and have a chat to jenny this week if you have any questions or for clarification about anything in the information she has provided above. 

Mad Mountain Family Farm has lots of beautiful and unusual potted herbs and some delicious herbal teas made from the herbs grown on their farm – especially for you to enjoy.  

Our newest seasonal produce:

  • Macadamia nuts
  • Buerre bosc pears
  • Fuji apples
  • Fuerte avocados and
  • Shepard avocados

Coming soon – perhaps mid-April will be new season Tweed River Pecans. I can’t wait – they are extra, extra delicious at the very beginning of the season 😋

BACK at the market this week are:

  • Mad Mountain Family Farm
  • Loki Chai 

 ABSENT this week are:

  • Belle’s Kitchen (mistakenly listed as attending in the Newsletter – oops)
  • Doggie-Licious (mistakenly listed as attending in the Newsletter – oops)
  • Heart and Halo – absent for the next 2 months due to relocation and constructing a new commercial kitchen.
  • Sugar cane juice – until further notice