Wonderful music plus artisans, beautiful fresh produce, CWA, and the mens’ shed.

What’s News at the Market this Week?

So much is happening this week with a hugely popular musician, Josh Lovegrove, joining us for the first time – see more about Josh below. 

Update as at Tuesday afternoon: we will have cherries and apricots at the Costanzo Apple stall this week so enjoy this treat. 

More local artisans are joining us too. We have:

  • Emubeads – delightful created glass beads served to you free range or made into beautiful pendants or chains of beads or earrings with Michele’s silversmithing skills adding an extra special touch of flare to each creation. These are made by the very creative Michele Bevis. I love Michele’s work for its diversity. You can create your own design with her beads or buy a set already created. 
  • Colours and Words – fine art, prints and fascinating books – stories written by Chris who you will find outside this week.
  • Chelle and the Fig – Chelle was ranked the top 12 Australasian Emerging Portrait Photographer 2020.  Chelle said that “some of my favourite subjects are ordinary Australian landscapes, people going about their every day activities, old houses and architecture and still life.”  She has a wide range of images and limited edition prints that might just magic you to a place of love, stillness and beauty. And some of her images are wearable art too. 
  • Gravity Accessories – Cheryl has been designing and making vintage and retro original accessories for nearly 30 years always using recycled materials wherever possible. She now makes a range of hats, bags, earrings and scarves out of both new and original vintage cotton. As well a denim bags with original vintage retro panels; cotton fabric hats and cotton retro style scarves.
  • Goldhawke Designs – Hadia makes handmade reversible tote bags to replace plastic bags plus the cutest baby harem pants and comfy cotton tops from reclaimed fabrics.
Plus our December regulars the CWA Murwillumbah Community Mens’ Shed.

What’s News at the Market this Week?

As hot days challenge us we look for lots of cooling drinks such as Yogi Nectar, Raw Earth Organic’s kombucha (see the photo above showing their strawberry blonde kombucha and fresh strawberry margarita) and iced chai – all available each week at the market. 

With the current heat it is a little ironic that chillies are in abundance. Jumping Red Anthas a less commonly known variety – the poblano pepper – as well as many others. I couldn’t resist featuring them this week.
The poblano pepper is simply delicious and perfect for salads, soups, stuffed (think chile relleno) and in lots of Mexican recipes. Roasted poblano peppers are extra delicious and taking advice from Ursula at the JRA stall they are best of all char grilled to give them a delicious smokey flavour. The bonus is that char grilling then sweating them makes it so easy to remove their outer layer. Just like we do with capsicum. 
Roasting vegetables always brings out their sweet flavour because the heat caramelises the natural vegie sugars and this applies to chilies too.
While reputedly having a mild flavour poblanos apparently can be unpredictably hot with the possibility that different peppers from the same plant can vary substantially in heat intensity. Like most chillies the ones that are picked later and have a deeper colour such as the darker red poblano is significantly hotter with more flavour than the green poblano. This variety of picking options ensures that there is one to suit each person’s heat tolerance.
For great advice on cooking and using the poblano peppers I suggest visiting Rachel Cooks website
Kang Kong has arrived at Summit Organics. Also known as water spinach, it is Chef, Pete Evans favourite green vegie according to his post last year after shopping at the market. I enjoy it sautéd with butter and garlic and tossed with a a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.