Wishing you all a wonderful festive season as we welcome a new stallholder this Wednesday.

Hello again and YES we are back at the Showgrounds this week 👏

Do you feel as amazed as I do that Christmas is only days away and by Wednesday only two sleeps away? Where has this year gone and what a year! I doubt that any of us will EVER forget 2020.
So from all our stallholders and market management we wish YOU a wonderful festive season. Whatever our individual beliefs are at this time of year let’s celebrate like never before. Let’s show our love for family and friends and share our time with, and appreciation of, all those who are so important to us. We send our love to YOU. We deeply appreciate everyone of you who is part of our lovely market community. THANK YOU so very much for your support through tough times and wonderful times and may there be many more wonderful times coming up.

Sometimes it takes a weather event like the past week to remind us how fortunate we are when the sun shines even though we might be sweltering in the humidity – it is still better than rising flood waters or being caught in a flash flood.

Take care and look after one and all and we look forward to seeing you on 23rd and 30th.
One market before Christmas and two before we welcome 2021. Woohoo we made it!

What’s News at the Market this Week?

We are very excited to welcome our newest stallholder – Nadia Martin who is bringing her passion for a new variety of healthy bread for those who have dietary restrictions. Nadia – whose brand is Breadicine Woman makes bread for the increasing number of people who are more than gluten intolerant. Nadia is passionate about providing choice for the many who are yeast free, gluten free, grain free, dairy free AND vegan.

Her loaves, made from organic, activated seeds and nuts and are so deliciously filling that one loaf lasted me for a long time – but that is just my take on it. If this appeals to you then I suggest you come and meet Nadia this week.

As a lifelong vegetarian Nadia was taught from an early age that ‘food is medicine’, yet after 25 year in the baking industry as a single career mum she was very unwell with all sorts of inflammation and increasing sensitivities and seemingly nothing to eat?

Nadia said that” initially born from my need for a super quick, sustainable brekky (that ticked my long list of health requirements), I’ve continued to tweak and refine my recipes over the years, working to combine the powerhouse and brilliance of organic, plant-based ingredients with nutrition and sheer deliciousness.”
She began sharing her breads with family, friends and local cafés and realised there was a greater need out there. So we are the very lucky ones now that she has joined our market. She offers a variety including:

  • The Low-Carb Life-Changing Loaf, with less than 1.6g carbs per slice is made with activated almonds, hazelnuts and coconut flour, it’s high in protein and incredibly high in fibre. A prebiotic perk!
  • The Seedy Adventure Bread is made simply using a selection of whole seeds, buckwheat and quinoa, soaked overnight and slow baked for optimal nutrition and digestion, and
  • The Belly Good Banana Bread, made with pre-biotic green banana flour. 
AND …. it you like to bake your own Nadia also has premixes. All 
hand made locally with love, right here in Mur’bah!

What’s GREAT at the Market this Week? 

We know it is Christmas when stone fruit arrives at the market so this week we are excited that we have not only cherries but plums and apricots at the Costanzo Apple stall. The Pizazz variety of plum is a delicious yellow fleshed plum with dark blue to purple-black skin. It has a sweet flavour with juicy, firm flesh. Early in the new year they will have the blood plums.

From Woodland Valley Farm you not only have superb pasture raised hens eggs but also artisan pasta and sauces PLUS Brandy Custard, Vanilla Custard and Chocolate Custard – all made with their beautiful hen and/or duck eggs and packaged for your convenience. How easy is that especially if you purchase a pudding or Christmas cake from the CWA stall or from Mad Mountain Family Farm stall. 

Also GREAT this week are fabulous dips from Rob at Spice Palace. These make bringing a “plate” or making grazing plates so easy. This Christmas include lots of dips, freshly sliced dipping sticks using farm fresh cucumbers and carrots plus delicious Grumpy Grandma’s olives.

If you haven’t yet tried Spice Palace’s Tumeric and Nut Ferment Pate you simply must include it this Christmas. Check out their dukkahs too. Traditionally dukkah is eaten by dipping fresh bread firstly into olive oil and then into the dukkah nut mixture. Crabbes Creek Woodfired sourdough and Grumpy Grandma’s olive oil are both perfect for this Egyptian tradition. But dukkah also adds a delicious crunch and explosion of taste when sprinkled on salads or over roasted vegies. 

Don’t forget your four legged best friend this year – Leanne and Anne-Maree at Doggie-Licious have specially wrapped doggie gifts too. 

We also have some of our artisans returning this week including Renee Jeffery’s delightfully quirky pottery,  Chris Degenhardt’s Colour and Words and Cheryl Watson’s Gravity Accessories