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Sustainability at Blueberry Fields – BYO!

Over the coming weeks, I would like to take the opportunity to let you all know about what is going on over at some of stalls which make the market, our farmers and producers and of course you, our customers more sustainable. Blueberry Fields is a family run orchard near Newrybar and this is where their delicious hand-picked blueberries are grown in organically rich and biologically active soil. Over at Blueberry Fields Dean has let me know that they now offer not only a recycle option on their blueberry containers but also a reuse option. You can even bring your own (“BYO”) container if you want to. Dean tells me that Blueberry Fields has a “sustainability mission” which is simply to protect, conserve and enhance soil, water, biodiversity and wildlife habitat. What a great initiative to reduce our waste and environmental impact even more so. As you may already know the market has already reduced its weekly waste by approximately 75% since implementing its wash station – it is great to see how small steps such as bringing your own container or reusing a container can reduce waste even further. Thank you to our stalls that offer a recycle, reuse and BYO options and to all of you customers out there for giving it a go.