Rhubarb has arrived + broccoli and fennel.😋

What’s NEW at the Market this Week?

RHUBARB has arrived at Summit Organics so for those of you who love rhubarb I want to share a new recipe that I can’t wait to try myself when I pick up my bunch this week. I spotted it on a post by the beautiful Leila at Hotplates Catering and the vividness of the rhubarb in her photo captured me. It was so unlike the colour of my regular stewed rhubarb with apples and cinnamon that tends to be quite pale.  I have posted the baked rhubarb recipe in this week’s newsletter making it very easy for you to try this beautifully simple dish.

Early heads of broccoli have arrived at Bio Organic Farm as well as very young heads of fennel so we can begin revelling in the variety of vegies that begin to appear now that winter really is on the horizon. Everest Farm also has broccoli too and as they are planting 500 – 1000 seedlings every couple of weeks this will continue until the season changes and the weather impedes production. 

We have a new pop up stall commencing this week with the arrival of Banora Point Garden Shop. This is a very new home-based business set up by Tyson McLeod only 8 months ago. Tyson has experience in horticulture and growing plants as well as being a recent market stallholder in the Tweed area. Tyson is bringing a range of indoor and outdoor plants as well as succulents and cacti for all our enthusiastic gardeners. 

*The broccoli and fennel photos in the top banner are thanks to Bio Organic Farm’s Insta posts.

Mad Mountain Family Farm has a range of vegie seedlings too and lots of unusual and popular herbs. Lyn and Tim have been listening to your requests and are gradually increasing their range of vegie seedlings .

What’s GREAT at the Market?

Nimbin Valley Dairy has their award winning St Billie back at the market this week so for our many cheese lovers this is wonderful news. YAY!

Silverbeet is abundant right now. It never has to be mundane or boring but sometimes our busyness means that we function on automatic and cook what we have always cooked, and that is perfectly fine but sometimes a change is welcome. So this week I am offering you some inspiring ways to enjoy this leafy green throughout its season.

The Gourmet Traveller magazine has some great recipes on its website so here is a link to 24 silverbeet recipes that trump kale from The Gourmet Traveller. 

How about Rosetta’s ricotta and silverbeet malfatti with sage burnt butter? Or Egg and spiced creamed silverbeet wraps or Potato, leek and silverbeet gratin (see photo of this dish below  – from The Gourmet Traveller). 

With only the occasional showery day now beautiful sunshine is creating its magic on our farm paddocks and home gardens so many more leafy greens and winter vegies are appearing. I’m especially looking forward to cauliflowers arriving at the market soon. This time last year we had them already but the prolonged rain delayed planting at some of our farms. What do you look forward to seeing soon?

I firmly believe that when we eat seasonally and only what is grown locally we get an extra thrill when new produce arrives – especially when it is a favourite.  

*The silverbeet photo below is taken by Jumping Red Ant at their Bilambil site and the St Billie is thanks to Nimbin Valley Dairy.